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You can learn to…

  • 32 - DDL PROTECTION SOLUTIONS - SELF DEFENCE CLASSES LONDONAvoid trouble before it even knows you’re there
  • Use the awareness skills that the professionals use
  • Learn to recognise the tricks that the criminals use
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Learn to talk your way out of trouble and yes… of course

Learn how to end attacks on you and those you care about… fast!

Dear Human Resources Manager

I am sure that you care for your staff? You keep them safe during the working day. But how safe are they travelling to and from work? Do they travel in cars alone? Do they use public car parks and lifts? Do they travel alone on public transport. Do they have periods of walking to and from work on dark busy city streets? You want them safe at work – you also want them safe outside of work. We at Awesome Self Protection say, ”Why not have both?”

Courses would be planned and delivered by our highly trained Master Instructors and assessors who are fully insured and DBS checked.

We offer a range of general and specialist courses for our corporate clients. We split our course techniques into “Soft Skills” and “Hard Skills”.

The “Soft Skills” are a means to allow your students to spot trouble before it happens to them – even avoid and evade trouble happening around them.

The “Hard Skills” can be used if the situation turns “Physical”. They are a range of limited and reasonable physical techniques that allow students to survive and escape.

With us your staff can learn…

Awareness Skills – Safe Strangers and Unsafe Strangers – Verbal Skills – Releases from Grabs and Holds – Negotiation skills – Awareness of Suspicious Characters or Groups of Characters – Knife Awareness and Defensive techniques – Rape Awareness and Defensive Techniques – Gang Attack Awareness and Counter Techniques

We also offer 1-2-1 tuition, short courses and regular training nights for all ages and abilities across London.

Contact us for further details. We look forward to helping you to achieve your self defence goals!

TASTER COURSE (1 1/2 HRS)    – £350.00 – UP TO 20 PEOPLE 


1/2 DAY COURSE (3 HRS)  – £650.00 – UP TO 20 PEOPLE 

FULL DAY COURSE (6 HRS)  – UP TO 20 PEOPLE  £1200.00