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Portrait of two fighters wrestling, isolated on white background.

Portrait of two fighters wrestling, isolated on white background.

Dear Instructor Candidate

Would you like to take your knowledge of Self Defence and Self Protection to the next level?

Train with us towards a nationally recognised qualification as an ‘Instructor of Self Defence’. Qualifications are modular and cover all aspects of Self Defence needed to keep safe and protected. Our basic Module qualifies you to start teaching Self Defence as soon as you wish. Our other Modules give you the confidence and knowledge to teach all aspects of Self Defence and qualify you as a ‘Self Defence Master Instructor’.

Courses would be planned and delivered by our highly trained Master Instructors and assessors who are fully insured and DBS checked.

We offer a range of general and specialist courses for our candidates. We split our course techniques into “Soft Skills” and “Hard Skills”.

The “Soft Skills” are a means to allow Instructors to teach their own students to spot trouble before it happens to them – even avoid and evade trouble happening around them.

The “Hard Skills” can be used if the situation turns “Physical”. They are a range of limited and reasonable physical techniques that allow students to survive and escape.

With us you can learn to Instruct…

Awareness Skills – Safe Strangers and Unsafe Strangers – Verbal Skills – Releases from Grabs and Holds – Negotiation skills – Awareness of Suspicious Characters or Groups of Characters – Knife Awareness and Defensive techniques – Rape Awareness and Defensive Techniques – Gang Attack Awareness and Counter Techniques

Our Modules cover the following concepts…

  • 29 - DDL PROTECTION SOLUTIONS - SELF DEFENCE CLASSES LONDONBasic Instructor’… this covers both ‘Soft and Hard skills’, Knife Awareness and some simple Grappling and Ground Defences
  • ‘Expedient Weapons’… use the everyday objects around you to fight back against a ‘Formidable Armed Attacker’
  • ‘Adverse Situations and Multiple Attackers’… learn the strategies that the ‘Pros’ use when in the midst of an attack when everything is against you!
  • ‘Women’s Self Defence’… this covers aspects of Self Defence that may be more pertinent to Women due to types of attacks they may be subjected to – also the responses they may need to use against a larger or armed aggressor.
  • ‘Children’s Self Defence’ – learn to teach aspects of Self Defence that may be more pertinent to Children who may be vulnerable to attacks from their peers or adults.

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