As a friend of David Yeardley, I was asked if I would like to attend a taster session. I felt that David, Dave and Liam had worked really hard to ensure the session was interesting and informative. The session was well lead and the information given was clear and easy to understand. The video footage used showed how quickly situations can arise. The practical session was well rehearsed and instructions were easy to comprehend. Each person had a chance to learn and practice the moves. A very enjoyable session. If anyone is wishing to learn self-defence, I would highly recommend DDL Protection.



Nobody should be a victim. Everybody, whoever you are, is entitled to defend themselves if threatened or intimidated. I cannot think of a better instructor to teach this than Liam.



I have known and trained with Liam McLoughlin for many years.I have trained with many different instructors all over the country, and I must say that Liam is one of the best instructors that I have had the privilege to train with. His knowledge and experience in self-defence techniques in my opinion, are exceptional. His classes are fun, educational and have the physical elements that are required in a self-defence class. So if you are looking for a first class instructor – Liam McLoughlin is your man.

Jeremy, LONDON


Very simple and easy to remember.

Very Good. Very effective!

Stuart, LONDON


Loved it. Well delivered and very enjoyable. XX

Michelle, LONDON


Brilliant –  Learnt a lot from just one session!

Samantha, LONDON